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Ain't right 2 years ago
Sexual consent in the Philippines is 12 years old, tourists deliberately travel there to fuck young ass girls..ig should be illegal but these girls are forced into this trade due to poverty and no work opportunities...this guy should be ashamed of hisself... fucking dirtball bum ass bitch
FBI 3 years ago
Yo where u at My nigga Don’t move We comein for u hol up
hoe 3 years ago
she probably didn't even finish high school
Oh boy 3 years ago
Didnt realize it was a tranny till it was to late
2 years ago
She look like she 16
1 year ago
Come on Count Dracula, let’s count the STDs!

Von STDs
Two STDs
Tree STDs
Fourrr STDs
Terry 3 years ago
Love her little cunt
Jay 3 years ago
Well she isn't Pinay ... she was working the streets of Phnom Penh . Died a few years ago after to much drugs .
Lee 2 years ago
Fuck she is beautiful ild ask to marry her while I’m deep inside her
Wow 3 years ago