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Me irl 5 years ago
Why the fuck is there a donkey
Dayum 5 years ago
If you got small dick, you should lose weight
Thats sad 5 years ago
Its a medical condition called micro penis anything under 3 inches is considered that dont laugh you know how sad it has to be for that person have some empathy
LOL 5 years ago
this nigga still get more pussy than all you niggas in the comments tho
5 years ago
Just use your fingers and tongue
Haha 5 years ago
Well at least i know i don't have the smallest dick in the world.
Lol Damn 5 years ago
Well shit he still got some pussy. And i still cant get none. And im big :(
Shit 5 years ago
I got a bigger dick and still can't get no pussy
His penis 5 years ago
Is smaller than his nails
jerry 5 years ago
kinda feel bad for the guy.